Hello and welcome to my page. :)

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First let me start by quoting one of the most famous world changer...

" Everybody likes compliment " - Abraham Lincoln

And he's right!

I mean, who can argue with the guy?! LOL.

Yes, like Sir Abraham Lincoln said, everybody likes compliment.

That's pretty obvious by now, so today I want to write about complimenting and it's effects... but not on people... but on plants.

I've read this very interesting artcle about an experiment in two plants, which all conditions are all the same except for one thing... To one plant you say nasty things and to the other one you give compliment everyday for 30 days.

And the result was, as you might have guessed by now, yes the plant with compliment stayed healthy while the other one that was bullied wilted.. ;(

So inspired by this artilce, I've actully been practicing this on my plants too...

I've been complimenting them for a few months now.

And lately I actually feel receiving some sort of "love-aura-ish" from my plants every morning when I open the curtain and say "good morning" to them....

Okay, so bare my superstition just a little.

Here's how I see it.

The reality↓
By the way this is what I see when it's a bit cold the night before.
(*sansevieria is weak with cold temperature)

But if I talk to them while touching them the aura gradually changes to the image below...


Uhu superstitious much...? :P

So yeah I know it's all in my head.

And you're probably thinking I need my pills. LOL.

But I do actually think there's a positive effect in complimenting plants too..

Or, I don't know maybe it just makes me feel happy saying positive things out loud.

But like Sheryl Crow said, "If it makes you happy, it can't be that bad!" Right?! LOL!

So come join the gang and let's start praising everyone around us and make them, and ourselves happy in the process! :D

Thanks for reading!
Hippo =)))